Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have the room to ourselves or will we be playing with others?

It is possible that you will be playing with others. Book a private room to secure the room for your group  only. Private group options  start at $100.

Are real people going to be jumping out or grabbing me in the rooms?

You may encounter a pop scare when choosing the thriller. You will not be touched so please do not touch them. If you do not want this element please let us know when making your booking.

What if we don’t escape before our time is up?

When your timer goes off we come and get you. You may pay to extend your time and be given extra clues so that you may finish solving the room or you will be declared dead, infected, bitten, or unworthy and outcasted from society. But don’t worry, you can always play another room and prove you can be a survivor.

Can we play more than recommended in a room?

Yes if you want to keep your group together this is a possibility. Our recommendations are decided so everyone has a chance to fully participate inside the room.

I have a large party, can we all play?

Yes! You can reserve all 3 rooms and we can have you play at the same time. We have an amazing lounge area with a projector to hang out in while each group finishes. If you have more than 21 you may want to book the rooms for 2 sessions and rotate your players.

Feeling competitive? Book the rooms for back to back sessions and you can switch rooms to try and beat your friends time as they try and beat yours!

Can I come in whenever I am ready to play?

Our business is by appointment only. Feeling like you are ready to play last minute? Give us a call 702-912-4722  and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Which rooms are good for families? Are there age restrictions?

The Zombie Takeover is fun for the family if they are comfortable watching zombie shows. The Next Civilization is best for age 10  and above. Biohazard is restricted to 18 and above. 15-17 with adult supervision in room and credit card on file accepting all responsibilities on waiver.

What happens if I book a room and can’t make it?

Because our escape rooms are by appointment only, we need over 48 hours notice so that we may reserve the room for someone else. Under 48 hours notice and  your reservation becomes non-refundable. You may, however, reschedule for a $25 short notice rescheduling fee. No call no show by appointment time start and your reservation becomes non refundable and can not be rebooked, as you can understand.

I have a health issue, are there any rooms that I should not play?

The Next Civilization and Zombie Takeover are wheelchair accessible . Unfortunately with the unique designs of our other rooms, they are not wheelchair accessible.

If you have asthma, PTSD, are pregnant, or have other concerns, please call or email us to make sure you choose the room that is right for you.



When checking out for $10 off each regular ticket price (pricing becomes $25 for Next Civilization or Zombie Takeover, $30 for Biohazard)

Private Groups Available:

Minimum 4 players