Just minutes off the Las Vegas strip, Escape or Die is an apocalyptic escape room experience. With three incredible rooms to choose from, you can determine just how creepy and challenging your experience will be. You and your team will find the clues (if you can!), solve puzzles and riddles (think you are smart?), and try to escape the room before the time ends…and…you…DIE.

Just kidding, you can live…for now!

The Next Civilization

Not Too Creepy | Easy | 1 hr | $35

Life as we know it is ending. Natural disasters and sickness have killed most of Earth’s population. There is a new civilization that is forming and you are trying to get there before it is too late. The professor has left clues in his office for those smart enough to join The Survivors. The new civilization will not take just anybody. You have to prove your worth. Are you smart enough to join the next civilization or will you be outcasted?

Zombie Takeover

Creepy | Hard | 1 hr | $35

Join The Survivors in the fight against the zombie plague spreading across this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Outwit the zombies and escape within the hour before the zombies takeover and your lives are lost forever.

*Parental Discretion Advised.


Thriller | Medium | 1 hr | $40

Thought you were safe? Think again. Go under quarantine and prove you are not the infected to get an antidote. Try not to panic when there is no one left to help you and anything you touch may infect you.

*Biohazard is restricted to 18 and above. 15-17 with adult supervision in room and credit card on file accepting all responsibilities on waiver.

First Friday Special Escape @ReBAR

Escape or Die is locking down Patio 51 at ReBAR this First Friday!!!

Get your drinks, grab your friends, and meet us in the alley for this quick escape game… but beware, you never know what you may encounter.
Bands will be rockin’ as we bring you another strange scenario to unravel.
Enter at your own risk. We cannot guarantee you will escape 51 or that you willl ever be seen again.